Friday, June 19, 2009

lynn in love with friday favorites 2

Its time for the next friday favorites!

this week I am featuring my favorite lifestyle bloggers:
Women who inspire me with their faith! (even if it's different from mine)
Women who inspire with their style!
Women who inspire me with their love for life!

Stephanie Nielson. Be prepared to cry and be strengthened in faith by this woman. A young beautiful mormon who loves her husband and children very much. Beautiful soul. Survived a plane crash with her husband. Burnt over 80% of her body including her face. Be prepared for her beautiful honesty. Be inspired.

Naomi, also a beautiful young mormon who I am in love with. She has the most amazing style and the most unapologetic love for her husband. Totally dig her, dig her polaroids, dig her red lipstick.

Nicole Hill, of A Little Sussy, she almost made it to the cut of my favorite wedding photographers last week. However, I don't think of her mostly in the sense of weddings, so I had to take her off the list. But seriously, one of my favorite photographers. She shoots in digital, almost all her shots are straight out of the camera. She has the most amazing sense of light. I want to take her classes. I want her to photograph me. Oh please! if you ever come to Dallas!

Holly Burns is one of the coolest cats. I've been reading her blog for years. This british nomad has been all over the world with her true love Sean. I love her style, I love her british accents. Her blog makes me laugh. I want to be her friend!

A new favorite, this parisian has a wardrobe and style to die for. her sweet pictures make me drool.

A few more dolls whom I follow regularly

who are your favorite bloggers??

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