Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: day 2

It is our second day in Saigon. I've loved exploring this city so far. It is different, yet very much like as I had imagined. I love all the French influence on the architecture and the food. Many parts of the city has a european feel believe it or not. There is also a strange juxtaposition between the new industralization of the city and the absolute poverty of the people. There are new skyscrapers and fancy touristy boutiques, but crippled beggars and poor merchants hawking their wares on the same streets.
At night, the city becomes alive as the temperature comes down and cool breezes wash over us. The marketplace comes out from under cover and into the sidewalks and street food is now a crazy adventure of "what live animal can we grill tonight?" My parents says you haven't experience Saigon, until you've come out at night.


  1. It looks really awesome, great pictures lynn!

    What's it feel like to think about your family coming from here? To be in the place of your heritage? I bet it's pretty surreal! :D

  2. Just found your blog through FB, love the pictures and stories! Have a good time in Vietnam. You'll have to give me the lowdown when you're back, I am thinking of going in November.

  3. Wow! Great pictures Lynn! I especially love the one with the giant toad. Can't wait for the next post.

  4. I'm so confused by the giant frog. I see 5 legs and what appears to be a frog mounting a fish.

  5. woah!! is that really a frog/toad?!!! I thought it was an alligator. I guess there are no claws or sharp teeth though. Everything really is bigger in the tropics....hope you are safe from the mosquitos (don't believe any herbal remedies, DEET is the best!!). Enjoy the rest of your trip Lynn!!

  6. Thanks guys!
    Jason-yes, its strange of knowing how poor my family lived before, but it helps me understand them better!
    Agnes-I'll definitely let you know, November will be a better time to visit!
    Jon- I miss and love you
    Daniel & maggie - haha those are 2 giant frogs... The horrible part was that they were both alive!!! They were just hanging there on that string breathing with their throats!!! No thit cho yet (dog)

  7. Hey Nunu!
    Thit cho is more common in north Vietnam. There's a town outside of Hanoi that I passed through during my first visit. The name people called it was Pho Thit Cho. Dog Meat City. "Dog however you want it." =( I didn't find any in TPHCM... but I did hear stories about people eating cats. I also saw a sign advertising horse meat.
    Love the pictures. I really like the b&w alleyway.

  8. Food for thought: I would love to soak that lizzard in my home-made rice whiskey, and let it sit there for a couple of decades before serving it..."lizzard-rice-whiskey" anyone? (: