Thursday, July 16, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: day 8 & 9 Last Days in Nha Trang

Day 8 We declared a "rest day." After a week of awesome excursions, we were a wee bit tired and needed a day to recoup and refresh. Which is okay by me, if I get to spend it in beautiful Vinpearl! We stayed in the resort, reading and taking naps by the ocean and only took breaks for eating and two small excursions within the resort.

First we went the the "Animal Show" which delighted Thaden. They had show dogs and monkey who did all kinds of tricks. To be honest though, I felt a little sad for these circus creatures. They spend all day entertaining us, and when they made a mistake they got a small rap from their trainer with a wooden stick. What a life, huh?

Secondly we went to the famous VinPearl Water Show. Apparently this is the biggest water show in Asian (probably the only one). It is reminiscent of the the Bellagio water show and is pretty good. Thaden loved the "BIG water show!"

Otherwise, nothing is more pleasant than laying by the beach with a book and hearing the ocean roar next to you!

on Day 9, we took a little trip to Bai Dai (or Long Beach) where we finally did what I have been CRAVING to do all trip.... eat fresh seafood on the beach! Seriously, AWESOME. We picked out fresh live seafood just caught by the fishermen, and they promptly steamed them. No flavorings, no added sauce, just amazingly sweet, deliciously yummy fresh seafood. We indulged ourselves with two types of crab and clams and simply dipped them into some salty lime juice... mmm.m..m........

Animal Show
The dogs knew how to do math by barking out answers

Sinh To Bo (Avocado shake - yum) and Durian icecream (my mom's fav)
the VinPearl beach is gorgeous

the only decent shot I got at the watershow

at Long Beach!

drool, drool, drool

thaden resting from the sun


  1. looks like somebody has been dining well...

  2. OMG. The public beach definitely has its own benefits huh?! :P