Sunday, July 5, 2009

lynn in love with self timers

Hello Dears... hopefully at about this time....I'll be flying (safely) over the big blue Pacific ocean! How excited am I :) I probably won't be posting much over in Vietnam, but expect a few from me... I wanted to leave some scheduled posts just for fun!

I was playing around with my new camera (this one), and found that it had some great self timer functions! You can set it to face recognition, where instead of seconds, it fires when it senses a face had entered the frame! Plus you can set it to do multiple shutters at a time. Perfect for when you want to get that perfect shot... It reminds me of a photobooth when you have to do a different pose for each shot. Love it! I did this image when I was messing with the self timer one night... Of course, the rest is photoshop post-processing!


  1. What an awesome function! I've been thinking a lot about self-portraits lately and this would be a great camera to do them with.

    Of course I wouldn't even look half as cute as you if I took them.

  2. Jenna, you are already too cute! I do love this camera so far! it's a nice little upgrade for my point and shoot. It has full manual function, but small enough for me to transport.