Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: day 11-12 Dalat

Alright folks! This is finally my last picture post on Vietnam!

Before we drove back to Saigon to spend our last week there, we spent a few days in Dalat, a sweet little highland city. A little wikipedia for ya, according to an old french myth, Dalat got is name from the Latin phrase "Dat Aliis Laetitiam Aliis Temperiem" meaning "Giving Pleasure to Some, Freshness to Others."... and that it did!

We had to drive up a long and windy road to get to this mountain city located in the highlands. Oh sweet fresh air. After having spent a few weeks in suffocating heat, the cool mountain air was completely delightful! With its cool, but misty temperature, the area is filled with beautiful plant life and is HUGE on agriculture. Any green between houses was used to grow flowers and vegetables.

After spending a lovely day visiting gardens/waterfalls and enjoying the cool air, we started on our long and treacherous drive back to Saigon. I'll be honest, it was a gorgeous ride, but a bit rough with unpaved roads. I wont recount that time, that time when Thaden threw up all over me.

After we got back to Saigon, we spent a week indulging ourselves with food, a photo studio session, market shopping, and visiting with old family friends and family.

Enjoy the last of the pics! Again, I had more, but blogger is not letting me upload all of them.
Next up: a lynn in love vietnam travel guide!

in order to see these falls, we had to take a rollerbob ride down, actually pretty fun!

gorgeous countryside


  1. The rollerbob looks awesome!

  2. It was fun! Going down you get to control your speed, and you go pretty fast through on the windy track through the forest!