Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: day 7 Nha Trang and Vin Pearl Land

um, yeah, VinPearl totally rocks my face off.

I love this place! It's hard to imagine such a place exists in Vietnam. It's definitely a 5 star resort experience in the most unlikely of places. It's located on an island off of Nha Trang, and we have to take a cable car or a speedboat to the resort. The island has a beautiful beach with soft sand, clear clean beaches and the green island peaks for its background. The weather has been mild here making exploring the place so pleasant. Besides the wonderful AC'ed buildings, one of the best part of this place is the Orchid Restuarant. We were so lucky to come at a time when there is a promotion and we are able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free! Oh my, at each meal, there is a BUFFET, a smorgashboard of yummy Vietnamese food that is all you can eat. Seriously, friends, I am STUFFING my face as we speak!

On Day 7, we had a wonderfully busy day both in the resort and in Nha Trang. First we visited the onsite Aquariam, which was fun and full of Asian fishies. They had all sorts of sharks, rays, and turtles. We then took TJ to the kid's waterpark, which in my opinion, rivaled Hurricane Harbor in Dallas. After stuffing our faces at lunch, we took a little outing into Nha Trang.

We visited this famous crop of rocks that lay in the water. I remember seeing several of my dad's family pictures in the old days on these rocks, and we made some family pictures of our own. (except without Tam-boy, miss ya!). I loved skipping around these large ancient rocks.

To round out our day, we visited a nearby natural spring to take a mudbath! How fun was this! The springs had a large facility that is full of tubs that they will fill with mud full of minerals. You literally bathe in it. You let it dry on your skin from the sun, and then wash it off. Seriously, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! They also let you soak in some natural spring water, but it was looking a little less than clean if you know what I mean, so we skipped that part!

Sorry for the pics ahead, I meant these blog entries to be a photographic account of the beauty of Vietnam. However, as much as I love Vin Pearl, it is not what we can call authentic. So you are stuck with a bunch of personal pics of my family and I!

on the tram that we have to take everywhere in the resort

if you are wondering about the haziness of these pics, its from the condensations on my lens from all the humidity!

the aquarium

mmm... crab

a pretty blue iguana I found walking to the waterpark

At the waterpark!

my parents are so cute

in Nha Trang, at the rocks

boys jumping off the treacherous rocks into the ocean

At the springs, spot that murkey green water anyone?

the mud seemed gross at first

but, we quickly acclimated!

mud wrestling?

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