Thursday, July 9, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: day 3 Hoi An

I'll be honest, and say today was pretty exhausting.

First off, little Thaden, my 3 yo nephew has been sick from the get go... fevers up to 103, and tired. Likely a little combo of teething, a sinus infection, and not tolerating the heat well. He looked better this morning, but after an awful day of getting stuck at the airport and traveling in the heat, he started getting fevers again tonight and vomited. So a little prayer request for a quick recovery so my little turtle can enjoy this trip to any of you who might be reading!

Today we left Saigon early to go to the airport. However, the computers were shut down, and there was long wait in a hot musty room. After a two hour delay, we took an hour long plane ride to Da Nang and then drove up to Hoi An, a sweet little beach town that we will spending the next 4 days in.

The first thing that hits you is the intense heat that is humid and very thick. The second, is the beauty of this place. There are lush green mountains on one side and a gorgeous coastline on the other. The beach is white and the water is clear. I think I'm gonna like this place! We'd called it an early night, but before we retreated back to our quaint little hotel room, we ate dinner by the river at our hotel. Tonight, there was a water lantern float. It was so beautiful. We lit flower lanterns and then released them into the river where hundreds of lanterns glowed peacefully in the dark river. Just lovely.

Our travel guide gifted us with these rad caps. We make a darn cute baseball team. We'd call it the FOB MOB
Fob-bying it up just for you guys! Thaden actually took this pic! He's a great little photographer!
our sweet little hotel room, complete with mosquito nets
A monkey bridge... my sister and I are going to try to walk it.


  1. What are the candles?

    And what have you been eating for dinner? anything really awesome?!?

  2. Wow, that is gorgeous lynn!! Glad you guys are having a blast. Hope TJ feels better soon. Must be difficult for him to be sick in a foreign place. =(

  3. Aw.. Poor Bean! I hope he feels better soon!

    I loved Hoi An and Da Nang. Beautiful and the people are friendly. Lots of fresh seafood too! Hehe! Gotta love lobster delivered to you while you're laying out on the beach watching the sunset.

  4. -Jason, the candles were flower water lanterns, you release two at at time, one with your right hand to ask for blessings for your family and friends, and one with your left hand, to ask for blessings for yourself. Sorry no food pictures yet... we haven't been quite brave enough.
    -Thanks Tonia! We're trying to keep TJ out of the sun so he can't get better... too bad there is always sun here!
    -Minhy-boo - I don't know where to get fresh lobster? Is it only on the public beaches??

  5. Aww... Hunny... I'm sorry... Yea... I think it's only on the public beaches!
    Or restaurants... but like I said before... streetvendors are cleaner. Hehe!

  6. I like the slogan "FOB MOB" that u've just coined there Doc! I hope Hoi An is cool enough, where ya'll don't have to sweat profusely while being mesmerized by the candle extravaganza...I'm a simple thinker doc! I sometimes stay in the kitchen in spite of the heat, but not unless I have to...(: