Saturday, July 11, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: day 5 Hoi An

yay! Almost caught up on my blogging!

Today we visited the Cham Islands. This is a lush and green group of islands of the shore of Hoi an. We took a fun little speedboat trip to the islands. It was sweltering at the little fishing village, but we were able to take a dip in the cool blue ocean. The color of the Vietnamese water is a peacock blue and it's beautiful.

little boys swim naked here

two-fer silly sister picture


  1. Sounds like u're having a good time there doc!

  2. OMG! that's what the water looked like in Hawaii... will you put some in a bottle and bring it back for me? :D

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  4. haha...the water is VERY salty. and i don't think it will look quite the same in the bottle.

  5. well, that's probably true... I guess I can be happy with the pictures. :D