Monday, July 27, 2009

lynn in love with vietnam: Day 10 Driving to Dalat

Dears, I've finally made it back safe and sound in Dallas! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for my trip to Vietnam and to make it home safe from the long airplane ride. So so happy to back with the hubs again, I don't think I will take a trip this long away from him in a very long while.

While I have much on my plate to tackle and conquer (like getting myself licensed and board certified), I am also very much jet-lagged. While I have slept most of the last 24 hours that I have been home, I'm still feeling like I'm gonna drop down snoring at any moment now.

So I'm gonna spend this very first morning as a stay at home wife, sitting by the computer, cuddled in my pj's and blanket and finish posting the pics from our trip.
Before we left Nha Trang for our 6 hour drive up to Dalat, we stopped by my grandmother's house.

Outside, my grandmother's house

my grandmother in the backyard

a neighborhood boy who came to check out the commotion of our visit

they sell paper funeral items in the housefront. these are shirts you can bury with your loved ones, so that they can have nice clothes in the afterlife!


the drive up to the Dalat was incredibly beautiful. The rural Vietnamese roadsides were filled with such varied and lush countryside scenery. I wish I could show your more pics, but blogger is having a hard time uploading all my pics!

met this sweet "highland" piglet and his mama by the roadside before she promptly fed him a black trashbag

When we finally made it to Dalat, we found a pretty misty little highland city.

Isn't it lovely?

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  1. Is Dalat's weather anything like Dallas'?
    Glad ur home with the hubs doc!