Monday, January 18, 2010

lynn in love with a new week

Did you miss me? That was the longest blog break I've taken since the beginning of lynn lost in love! This past week was all kinds of crazy busy with both the worst downs and as well as some great ups. Probably when this blog post comes up, I'll still be sleeping the day away after a night shift at the hospital. There are A LOT of sick people in the hospital after the holidays!

All in all however, I'm just happy it's over, and now I have a week off to recuperate and patch up my little worn out soul.

No fear, sprinkled in between my night shifts, I got to do some less stressful things including lots of photo shoots (with a lovely wedding!), making a highly anticipated recipe from my new cookbook, and spending time with a new friend. Hopefully I'll get to document it all here in the next week! Get ready!

I'm gonna leave you with a little snippet of what my night looks like when I'm at work at the hospital. haha... I'm such a dork.


Much love,
lynn in love~


  1. cuteness! yep, def missed your antics last week. glad you're back in action. :)

  2. Haha, love it! And I'm definitely loving those scrubs, too! :D Glad you're back!

  3. haha, you're such a dork

  4. You look more cute than tired. :)

  5. hahaha too cute.
    I wish I was a doctor.
    But that would be playing into the asian stereotype.
    Wait, I am an asian business-person. I AM the asian stereotype!