Friday, January 8, 2010

lynn in love with kenny & patricia's loveshoot!

Happy Friday Darlings!
Do you have exciting plans for this cold weekend?
I'm resting up for probably the busiest week I've had in 7 months!
I have 4 night shifts at the hospital and 3 shoots including 2nd shooting a wedding with Jenna Cole. It's a crazy schedule, but I'm thankful to be able to use both my head, my hands, and heart to do what I love!

Meanwhile... I just posted a special photoshoot on lynninlovephoto, so please check it out.
I just did my precious friend's winter love shoot and I'm in love with the images. Kenny, my husband, and I went to medical school together and Kenny was huz's roommate for 6 years until he became mine! Kenny and Patricia are a fun and loving couple that pretty much started all the ideas to start lynninlovephoto. They rocked their super cold session so go on over there and give them some comment love!!



  1. Oh my gosh! I love love love these!

  2. THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You are SO talented. For reals. :D

  3. Oh my god. I just died! These are so perfect.

    If I ever get married, can I come up to Dallas and have you take my engagement photos? Please?

  4. Thanks guys!! you're the best.
    SJ.... of course! I would be sooo excited to shoot you one day!

  5. oh so cute! the first on is my favorite!

  6. You are amazing. Really you are so talented. Thank you for sharing your art with us!