Monday, January 25, 2010

lynn in love with target

Or remember when we all called it Tar-jay? Happy Monday, y'all!!
The huz and I love shopping together...and while the mall is always a first choice, we actually enjoy just going to Target together! I mean it has everything, and if you look carefully there are a ton of stylish choices in the clothes department!

We went over the weekend and happy to come away with some goodies!

I got a couple of dresses that are super cute and inexpensive!

I got a dress that is similar to this Anthropologie dress, but the skirt is white/navy stripes. It has pockets and looks great with red accessories! And only $20 bucks!

I also got this dress, which looks horrid on this model, but fits me really well! It's short, but not crazy short like on this model.

I didn't get this dress, which is part of the Rodarte for Target collection. I spied it on a recent photoshoot and it looked darling on the girl. (I wish I can find the picture!)

The Huz got what is he always gets and what he will always get... LEGOS!
What can I say, my boy like cartoons and toys!

These are the green military guys from Toy Story! He liked this one b/c it has a medic :)
Where are your favorite place for cute and economical fun?


  1. Oh! I adore Target. Favorite. I always spend way too much money there.

  2. My goodness- I LOVE Target! The choices- there are cute dresses, jewelry, accessories- for affordable prices! I sound like an ad.. but it's SO true.

  3. SAM's - weekly with business membership

    Walmart - recently surveyed as the dept store where u can spot an average American..yup that's me...

    TARGET - bought my Down Alternative Comforter there over the it...

    ACADEMY - for shoes and/or sporting goods...

    Church's/POPEYES for fried chicken depending on whichever place has a better steal...

    Walgreen's for milk - b/c it's nearby, if I happen to run out of milk in the middle of the week...

    Can't think of any other places where I'm a frequent customer...

  4. LOVE the dresses! I never knew Jon liked Legos.

  5. A smart huz who knows what's good for him, will always claim that he loves going shopping with his