Monday, January 11, 2010

lynn in love with camera bags and wicked stitch designs

Good afternoon everybody!
I'm half done with my craziest, busiest week of the year, but I wanted to pop in and say hi and show off my new arrival! My lovely Wicked Stitch Camera Bag! Isn't she a beaut?

So I've been on a search for a great camera bag forever. At first, I was just using the huz's grey messenger bag to lug all my gear in. I really loved this bag as it was just big enough to hold all my stuff, and just small enough to travel everywhere with it. I went to Vietnam, SF, Atlanta, NY with this thing. However as it wasn't padded, my Diana died in it and I'm pretty sure my SLR was damaged in the process.

So I've started carrying my gear in my Kate Spade tote that has been heavily padded with scarves and sweaters. Not optimal.

Meanwhile, looking for the perfect bag has been hard! I knew I couldn't just get any bag, it had to have all the following qualities: 1. Be durable and have enough padding to protect my gear 2. Large enough to carry all my cameras (my dslr, polaroid, point and shoot) and other small travel items. 3. Be small enough so that I can actual carry it everywhere when I travel! 4. Has to be stylish, but will work in a number of situations: Travel, in-town, shoots. I don't want a standard fugly camera bag.

Here were some of the options I have found:
1. Of course the shootsac - probably the most popular bag carried by wedding photographers. There are interchangeable covers and it's very easy to wear. However it's really intended to carry extra lenses and not the camera body. I really need a bag that will hold my camera body and since I only shoot with one lens at this time, it really doesn't make sense. Once I upgrade my equipment and expend my lens collection, this will probably be a must have on shoots.

2. Emera Bag - This is really new cute camera bag that comes in blue, red, and a print. It looks very well made and doesn't look like a camera bag at all! It's large, but not bulky. However, it definitely is a "city bag" and I can't really see myself traveling with it, or really on a shoot. I'd like to have a shoulder strap option.

3. The Kelly Moore Bag - this bag is just out and ready for pre-order! I really like the shape and the black option. It's stylish and very wearable. It has interchangeable dividers inside. You can carry your body, but the lens has to be off of it. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Plus the price is a bit much for what I would like in a camera bag.

4. Epiphane - This is the newest bag that I have come across since after purchasing my bag. I'm a little obsessed with it. Made of beautiful synthetic materia, great size, and interchangable compartments on the inside, they are both stylish and versatile! And it's a pretty fair price! I'm a little undecided about the colors right now and can't wait to see what new bags they will come up with. Plus with leather, I wonder how travel-friendly it is. This will probably be the next bag I will get! Fabulous!!

5. Wicked Stitch Designs - so what do I usually do when I can't find something I love?? I go to Etsy!! There are so many custom dSLR bags available on Etsy, and I really like the designs of Wicked Stitch. I ended up getting the Maia bag which I thought was everything I was looking for in bag. Basically you choose one of the designs she offers, then go choose whatever fabric you want to make the bag completely your own!

Things I like about the bag:
1) It's very durable. It's made of Codura fabric which is high performance fabric for baggage and luggage. 2) It's custumized to you! You get to pick out the cotton flap fabric to match your style and personality. I wanted to pick a neutral Black/Gray color so that I can stay professional when I go on shoots, but with a stylish pattern that I can use the bag when I travel. This Black and Gray Damask pattern is perfect! I feel like I can take this bag anywhere, shoots, rugged travel, and city travel.
3) I like the Maia bag because it is very sturdy, lined everywhere with 1/2 high density foam, and the bottom has a chipboard. With my track record of killing cameras this was high priority.
4) There are adjustable dividers inside so you can customize your organization. I'll probably always put my SLR in the middle, but the sides can hold either my lens/flash or Poloroid and other travel necessities.
5) My flap is removable, and I can easily order a new flap when I get tired of the damask to change up my look!
6) I also got the cute little Julia pouch in the matching fabric. It's perfect to hold my extra batteries and memory cards. It's also on a key clip, so I can clip it to my belt for easy access.
7) It has a zipper front pocket and two easy to access back pockets that I can stick my cell in.

7)For a custom bag that is one of a kind, the price can't be beat!

All in all, I'm in love with my bag! I took it out for its first shoot yesterday, and it was perfect and comfortable! Love it and highly recommend it!!

If you are going to order from her, I suggest you look at her flickr site first, to see what some of the fabric might turn out like on the bag. It's a little hard to know how large or bright the print will turn out so it's nice to get a little preview. Love how my damask turned out!! :)

*Edit* Oh! If you happen to be interested in this bag, it appears that this is the last week to get the discounted price for the Maia for $76.50! Here's the link again:


  1. It's so beautiful! I am tempted to buy one of my own!

  2. I love that black bag!! I might have to get one for my new Canon Rebel!!

  3. look$ expen$ive doc!

  4. Those are so beautiful! I am kind of jealous.

  5. Not only do I love your new bag (will I see you with it on Friday?!?!) I love this post! Great list of options for me to drool over and attempt to justify. :)

  6. Lynn, you are so stylish! I love your new camera bag, so cute.

  7. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for contacting Epiphanie, and for the awesome post. What a great review of so many beautiful bags! I just wanted to pop in to say quickly though that the Epiphanie bags aren't made of leather. Although you can barely tell the difference, they are synthetic. :)
    Thanks so much for mentioning our bags though. We're really humbled and grateful for everyone's support! :)

  8. Thank you so much Lynn for saying such wonderful things about your WSD bag! The photos are awesome! It's great word of mouth blog posts like this that help spread the word about my little company.

    Martilena (formerly Wicked Stitch Designs)

  9. i love this bag. where is a website to order this bag??

  10. Wicked Stitch is now Martilena bags! Can find it here:

  11. I just came across yoru blog and this camera bag is adorable! Do you still love it or have you gone with another bag?