Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lynn in love with bikes!

Oh, I've had bikes on the brain for a while now.

I've been obsessed with finding the perfect aqua cruiser forever... for some reason I can't seem to make a decision. Every time, I find a bike I like, I find a reason to be doubtful ("what are those funky hawaiian flower decals on the side?" ,"hmm.. i really wanted a brown leather seat")

Haha... I've taken finding "THE bike" as seriously as finding my wedding dress!

But really, ever since my husband surprised us with a tandem bike getaway on our wedding night, I've been in love with bikes since!

Here are some photographic evidence:

Our wedding night! I'm kinda in love with this picture from Heather Essian.
Yes I don't look like I know what I'm doing. Yes, I am wearing my reception dress and Valentino Heels. Yes I totally bit it 20 seconds after this picture is taken and had a huge bruise on my leg the entirety of our honeymoon!


During our trip to San Franscisco and we biked across to the GG bridge to Sausalito.

and then we rented some sweet red cruisers to bike all around South Congress in Austin

We actually have an awesome bike store in Dallas: that makes custom Villy custom bikes! Pretty awesome, you can get everything customized down to the rims of your wheels! I would have totally jumped on this option, however, they didn't have the color aqua I wanted. The closest they got is a mint color, which is pretty, but now what I want.

Actually this is the exact bike (except for the rims) that I want! I posted it when back when when I found it via Hilltop glossy

Anybody can help a girl out and help me find this bike in this awesome color??


  1. You can take those Hawaiian stickers off :) I ripped mine off. Take a peek at Chubby's Cruisers (google it). xo

  2. Really, Diana? That's good to know, many of the limiting factors when I find an aqua bike is those dumb stickers on the side! Thanks!!

  3. That looks JUST like my bike.

  4. wow, still hoping to have a bike like that one day!