Friday, March 5, 2010

lynn in love with week in iphone pics

A glimpse of my week in iphone pics! Since my p&s has long since died, my iphone has since become my go-to everday camera.... It's so handy to have since it's always on me!

Monday: All you can eat stonecrab claws at Trulucks with the Huz! I died. The claws were so yummy, and the all you can eat sides pretty amazing, too! All thanks to a sweet client who sent me a gift certificate! I was well fed before going in for a shift.... iphone_001

Tuesday: I have SO many iphone camera apps, but I gave in and finally downloaded the Hipstamatic, it's the iphone version of my lovely toy analog cameras. I had nothing to photograph, so you get random piles. But the hipstamatic even makes piles cool!

Wednesday: I spent the day preparing for my big sister's birthday feast! She is all kinds of pregos and nauseated so it was difficult to find a menu that she could tolerate. We had lots of fun celebrating though! Big Happy Birthday to my awesome big sissy!!
My cousin, Minh, and her awesome chef boyfriend, Wolfie.
Thursday: Eh. Worked a shift... nothing for you there.

Friday: spent in bed recovering from Thursday's shift. We have two beds in our apt that we actually take turns sleeping in. This is the view from the "guest bed". The Huz's desk... and the only stuff animal he lets me keep around. I called her Snowie, the Snow Princess. He calls him, Boogie, the Booger Owl. The poor thing has an identity crisis.

Working ALL weekend, but grateful to be alive, in love, able to work, and to have big dreams.

Happy Weekend, y'all!!


  1. HAPPY WEEKEND to you, too! I love these pictures- and that app! SO cute.

  2. OH MY GOSH! Your obsession with photo apps is just like mine! I've got the shake it app which turns photos, into polaroids. Oh yes!


    I love your blog, have a fab week, *I'll be back*


  3. I have a craving for crabs/crawfish right now...(: