Sunday, June 6, 2010

lynn in love with birthday parties

ahh... I have to admit that I LOVE birthday parties... I love being silly and extravagant and wear whatever I want. My husband always teases that I like to drag out my birthday as long as possible :)

This year is no different, and I had such a blast! I threw an old-fashioned birthday party for my dirty 30, complete with streamers, balloons, cake, a photobooth, and a pinata! I loved seeing old and new friends come together. I got to wear a red frou-frou dress with a red tulle petticoat that I would have never been able to wear anywhere else. We ate a finger-food spread and the yummy Berry Chantilly cake from Whole Foods. We played my favorite games Taboo and Cranium and just laughed ourselves silly. Lastly we brought out the cupcake pinata. Man, that sucker was sturdy! It took alot of pounding to finally break it open. All in all, a great time, and I am so thankful to have such great friends to celebrate my birthday with!



  1. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE your dress, LOVE your party theme and LOVE the pinata!

  2. I'm glad that you weren't too traumatized from our last pinata experience. Happy birthday my sweet friend! You are one of the most amazing persons I know.

  3. Thanks darling, Amy love ya, thanks for the sweetest comment ever. You make my heart smile!

  4. i LOVE that towel! i used to have a tigger one with a hood. im guna go dig it out i think lol. You look like you had an amazing time! Hope you had a great birthday! Visiting from RVA Camp :)

  5. i love birthdays too!! looks like such a fun party!

  6. I pretty much think this is the best. thing. ever. I never celebrated turning 30 (sniff sniff) maybe one day I'll have a party with a pinata like yours. so cute!