Monday, September 14, 2009

lynn in love with purging, decor advice, and giveaway!

Hello Dumplings, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Despite the rain, I was so productive this weekend. But my biggest feat.. and this one is BIG.. was finishing cleaning out my closet and room.
I am not a neat person by nature, in fact, I'm probably the very opposite of that. I'm quite notorious for hoarding and packrat ways. More often than not, my room is filled with piles of clothes and boxes that were packed from two moves ago. It's a shame, and my husband likes to remind me always that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".
After 29 years of blatant disregard for order, I thought it was time for a change and to clean out. It took 5 days folks, with 5 bags of trash and 6 trash bags filled with clothes to donate, but I did it! My room, bathroom, and closet has never has ever been this clean. It was totally worth it, and I feel lighter from the purge.

Well now that it is done, this post to actually ask for a little advice from you dear readers. I need a little decorating/organizing help for my bathroom counter. One of my problems is that I have no drawers and no place to store my products. They need to be stashed on top of the counter for my routine to be efficient. During my clean, I've stored away most of products under the sink, and left out only my daily items out on the counter. It is cluttered however and I hate the way it looks. Can you think of counter storage options that are both stylish and functional? Please no caboodles! :)

A tip from me to you about mineral makeup. Anybody who uses mineral makeup knows how messy it makes your countertop from all the powder. The best thing I've done is use a little bowl for application. Every few days, I put a few taps of powder in my bowl and use that to apply my makeup instead of the lid... It has made a world of difference not to have a layer of powder on my counter!

Okay dears, the person who give me the best counter option to organize my makeup that is both stylish and function will get a free vial of mineral makeup from my brand of choice: Everday Minerals! You have til this Thursday, September 17th, at noon to comment on this site to win :)

Tomorrow: What's in my makeup bag (or counter), my favorite makeup products.

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  1. things actually look pretty good i must say. the only thing that i'd reccommend is a nice jewelry chest/box. I have mine in my closet actually and love it :) sonia